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Packing with P'Niche - My Travel Tote...

It's still a few months before P'Niche returns to beloved Paris, but I've already started thinking about packing, etc. Packing is an incredibly popular topic, and we've enjoyed sharing ideas for all seasons of "capsule wardrobes," winter, spring, fall, and summer. I have also shared my own personal capsule wardrobes for March, June and September trips.

Luckily, I can update my March capsule wardrobe this year, so be on the lookout for that, but in the meantime, several P'Nichers have asked me what is in my personal travel tote.

Now to clarify, I am just not a carry on kinda traveler. If you saw the astounding amount of wines, jams, honey, and other liquid products, (not to mention tons of French dry goods / groceries) purchased each trip, you'd understand the pack-sanity.

Now a lot of people say "you are doing it wrong" if you check bags - and P'Niche simply does not adhere to that thought process. Me and millions of other wine packers can't be wrong!

That said, instead of a carry on with me on the plane, I usually just bring my large travel tote onboard with me. It's old, reliable, and can fit crunched up under the seat in front of me, for ease in grabbing items during the looooong flight. I need to be able to get to my "travel chocolate!"

Without further ado, here is what I unclude in my personal travel tote (I've created several groups of similar items for clarity) - see the deets down below...


  1. My very favorite tote - it's big, baggy, and has been all over the world with me, from NYC to Paris to Iceland, and even to Africa (hopefully one day to Scotland and Japan!) Use what makes you comfortable - no bag is wrong! One time I even used a (really big) Monoprix reusable shopping bag as my tote. I had so much stuff - the airline crew got quite the giggle - but hey, I needed all those French cookies. Glamour be darned on that flight - priorities!

First Group:

2. Laptop - comes everywhere - we've got a blog to consistently put out!

3. Mobile phone - charged and loaded with all the Paris travel apps needed to get about

4. External Charger/Battery - Using Google maps so much, I am forever charging on the run

5. Ear Pods - for street use (and so I can hear Google maps navigator!)

6. Headphones - with a wire, for the plane (and if ear pods run out of battery)

7. Cords and plugs - for all of the assorted tech items (of course, they are not all the same)

8. Gimble - for capturing those fun "P'Niche on the Street" moments

9. Converter - to get all charged - this one has several different types of ports - a dream!

"Basics" Group / Category

10. Book / Magazine - keeps me company on the fight and when solo in cafes

11. Umbrella - P'Niche PSA - it's gonna rain while you are in Paris - be prepared.

12. Scarf - the warmer the better for that transcontinental (cold!) flight

13. Shopping Tote - Bags are not given in stores, and my first stop is always Monoprix

14. House Keys - don't forget them during holiday travels (ask me how I know!)

15. Snacks - Chocolate for P'Niche, but you healthy travelers may do better than me!

16. Pen - We dont have many customs forms anymore, but I'm always in need of a pen

Personal Care Category

17. Chapstick - Those airplanes make you super dry - P'Niche is never without hers

18. Dramamine - For reasons that are delicate (like my tummy) and self explanatory

19. Tissues - Cold planes = runny noses

20. Sanitized Wipes - To freshen up hands in flight and before those airplane meals

21. Toothbrush / Paste - To brush quickly before exiting airport - it helps wake you up too!

22. Vitamins / Meds - Always make sure you have your medications with you on your person

Travel Wallet

23. My wallet is older but holds everything needed (and the kitchen sink!)

24. Passport - (I also keep a photo on my phone and email in case of emergencies)

25. Cash - I carry both US Dollars and Euros on my travels in case my credit card chip fails

26. Medical Insurance Card - I cannot recommend travelers insurance enough

27. Credit Cards - Make sure you turn on interntational travel dates before your departure

28. Monoprix Card - Saves me money on groceries and my "Monoprix Couture" clothes

29. Drivers License - Even if not driving while traveling, a second form of ID is always wise

30. Navigo Pass - For navigating the métro and bus systems - it's my most prized possesion!

Of course this is not a definitive list, it is merely P'Niche's own personal travel tote. Maybe you pack other items? Think sunglasses, contact lenses / solutions, empty water bottle to fill up, "airplane slippers," other personal care items, pajamas, gum, jewelry, etc.

OK, P'Nicher, I've shown you mine, now tell me yours - what's in your travel tote? Let us know in the comments section below and à bientôt!



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