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Solo Travel in Paris - Better Than You Think!


Dedicated with P'Niche Panache to every solo traveler wondering, "Should I?"

Ah, Paris! City of Light and City of Love...

While these may be true, don't think that Paris is a trip meant exclusively for couples. Some of the best Parisian adventures I have read about have been travelers on their own, not to mention my own travel experiences. While the thought of solo travel might be a bit daunting - at first - the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Readers who joined Parisian Niche at the beginning of this blog journey are already familiar with some planning ideas: where to stay, how to budget for your trip and even some popular scams to avoid.

Now, let's go over some interesting and unique things to do on your own Parisian adventure for one!


As you begin to design your escapade, the first thing to do is let go of that fear of traveling solo! Remember, in the words of Jack Canfield, "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

Now that that's gone, remind yourself that this independent voyage will be able to be uniquely tailored to your specific interests, tastes, and most of all - timeline!

Hungry? Wonderful - no need to wait for anyone else to decide what or where to eat, dietary requirements, etc.

Really into art and culture? Brilliant, you can take all the time you want, and not be rushed and shuffled through by travel mates who don't share the same passion as you.

Let the voyage begin! Ok, but where? Let's take a P'Niche peek at some options...

Just landed? Get out there and enjoy the Parisian café culture! I always start my journey with a hot cocoa at Angelina...

Absolutely no one will blink an eye at a solo diner in Paris. As you order your coffee, you will enjoy, firsthand, the many pleasures of people watching, journaling, and just taking an overall pause to mayhem of day to day life.

Of course, there are over 100 art museums within Paris' city limits. Your cultural possibilities are endless!

You can certainly arrange a guided tour (I highly recommend Claudine Hemingway for the Louvre.) Her research, personality, and passion for art are unmatched!

Really into solo time? Pick up an audio guide to enjoy the artworks at your leisure. You can press pause and/or listen as many times as you want to really get into appreciating that masterpiece.

Just strolling through to enjoy the artistic vibes? That's cool too. Remember - no pressure. Your time in Paris is yours to enjoy. Just look at that secret smile on La Jaconde (that's Mona Lisa to you and me). She knows what a gift solo travel is and how to enjoy it!


Not ready to step away from the museum circuit just yet? This is a great time to explore some of the lesser known galleries and hidden gems in Paris.

Some of my personal favorites are the Delacroix Museum as well as the Musée de Nissim Camondo.

Allons-y ... let's go!

Did you anticipate rainy days in your packing capsule? Let's be honest, at some point, it's likely to rain - but don't let that dampen your spirits (sorry, I had to!)

Paris has many movie theatres to enjoy - to say nothing of the covered passages, filled with history, gorgeous unique shops, and magnificent architecture to enjoy.

You can also explore some of Paris' larger department stores, while you wait out the rain, before heading back onto the cobblestones.

La Samaritaine, Printemps, and Galeries Lafayette are all great options. Psst - if the rain stops while you are inside, check out the extraordinary view from the Galeries Lafayette rooftop!

image: viator

Not satisfied with just department store shopping experiences in Paris? What if I told you that you could custom make your own hat - working in tandem with the imaginative team that has worked on Lady Gaga's own creations?

You heard me! Get your fashionista on at this one of a kind millinery workshop. You can book here.

This is so on my list!

Well, ma très belle, now that you are gorgeously styled, why not book a professional photographer to capture this one in a lifetime solo Parisian adventure?

I've had the pleasure of working with author and photographer Krystal Kenney and will cherish those memories forever - a picture does say 1,000 words after all!


Don't be intimidated by booking a private photographer. It's become quite a popular thing to do in Paris, and you will notice many other travelers and influencers alike having their pix taken.

Your photographer will guide you through amazing sites and locations, what to wear, and work closely with you to capture both posed and candid moments in Paris.

Even the most camera shy person (*tags self) will be able to let their inner Parisian shine though.

Still not sold on a photo? Why not have your portrait or silhouette done in Montmartre?

La Place du Tertre is the absolute place to be for this artistic endeavor. Take your time and do some laps around the square before deciding which artist you wish to capture your Parisian beauty.

What an amazing solo adventure you are having already!

No one would blame you for wanting to press pause and catch your breath.

In P'Niche's humble opinion, the best way to do this is to walk Paris' streets. There is even a specific word to describe this!

A flâneur (flâneuse for the ladies), is someone who has the main goal of enjoying the sights and vibes of the city simply by getting "lost," by strolling, and aimlessly walking around.

You will find so many hidden Parisian treasures that have not flooded through the social media circuits yet, allowing you to develop your own personal favorite paths of special gems and nooks.


There are very few feelings as fulfilling as knowing that you have taken a piece of Paris into your heart in this way.

It's how I found my own favorite street in Paris (which will be shared shortly, so we hope that you will subscribe to join us back here in the Parisian Niche).

Have you run out of time on your walking exploration? Feet hurting, or just a little skittish about being "lost" in a foreign city? P'Niche totes gets it.

Fear not, there is typically a métro or bus stop nearby that you can hop on to get to your next Parisian destination.

image: sortiraparis

During your walking meanderings, you may notice some fuzzy friends peeking out from various cafés and hotspots - Les Nounours (Teddy Bears) des Gobelins...

What started out as a playful way to "fill up" Parisian businesses during lockdown/s has turned into the most charming cultural phenomenon. I am always overjoyed to see a teddy bear and bet you will be too!

Still need some "down time?" A great way to pass some time is by browsing the aisles of the famous "Shakespeare & Company" in the hallowed shadows of Notre Dame Cathedral.

This English speaking book shop is absolutely enchanting, with an incredibly well documented history (it's definitely in your Paris based social media feeds) and vibe.

Don't forget to grab an airy creampuff from Odette, just down the street! Miam!

Still looking for a read, but feeling brave enough to test out your French language skills? Head over to the Seine to stroll past the iconic Parisian bouquinistes.

You'll encounter both unique literary pieces and Parisian characters alike. Each green box has a charm all its own and it is well worth the time to sift through the many treasures.


Another haven for solo travelers / readers alike is "La Belle Hortense."

It's a book shop. It's a wine bar. They also serve some divine desserts. Can you think of any better combo? I'll wait... ... exactly!

This unique space in the heart of Le Marais is a wonderful way to spend an evening on your own in Paris.

If you time your visit right, you can also enjoy that month's cultural exhibition. It is truly worth exploring this sapphire blue hideaway!

image: Christina Consolé

Morning doves unite! Another great thing about solo travel is - you can wake up whenever you want to and not disturb anyone.

Cut to me heading out at 5:30am to grab a once in a lifetime sunrise by the Eiffel Tower. If you head to Trocadero (wait on the right hand side), you will be able to enjoy a moment of absolute sunrise splendor. Definitely worth the extra coffee you'll need to get through the rest of that day...

Well, now that you are up and about, why not head out to one of the many Parisian flea markets?

If you are nervous about heading out on your own, note that Belle Inspiration offers incredible and personalized flea market tours and experiences. Psst - she also curates one of a kind subscription boxes!


Feel like it might be time to engage with some other travelers? You might consider a cooking class. You experience the joy of cooking and sharing that meal with the other participants. Good food and new friends, amiright? I found lots of great options at La Cuisine Paris and want to try the macaron making class next time!


Speaking of food, a memorable way to experience Paris is to stroll and shop her many open air food markets.

You will discover some of the freshest fruits, veggies, cheeses, breads, etc. imaginable.

You might even then head out to...


Set up your own private Paris picnic!

There are infinite picturesque spots that you can make a picnic in Paris. Be it near the Eiffel Tower for the view, along the Seine for people watching, or by the Canal Saint Martin for the local vibes, your choices are nearly endless.

Picnics are the quintessentially Parisian way to enjoy all of the wonders the city has to offer...


If picnics are not your style, another great option might be to join in on a wine and cheese tasting / pairing. It's a really chill and easy way to mix and mingle with a few people and get to experience lots of culinary delights.

My absolute fave has been this (English speaking) Ô'Château wine and cheese lunch. It's one I plan to dive into again!

You're royally getting into this trip for one, right?

May I propose a day trip most regal out of Paris to Versailles? It's very easy to get to and a most pleasant solo trip.

While P'Niche is still plotting and drafting this post idea for the future, there is helpful logistical information to be found here.

Again, don't stress it. Most people will speak English (among other languages) and there are maps and guides galore.

A turn about the royal rooms, Madame?


Not sure you want to head out of Paris proper, but still in the mood for a royal experience?

Head to Nina's Tea - located at: 29 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001.

Here, you will find a tea blend that is royally unique. Thé Marie-Antoinette is the only tea in the whole word to be flavored with fresh apples and rose petals from the garden of Versailles...

Pair it with a delicious fruit tarte or cake covered in petal pink fondant for an other worldly afternoon tea experience.

Bonus - you can purchase this blend of tea to take home with you (in either loose leaf or tea sachet form) in their gorgeously appointed boutique!

image: parisinsidersguide

Keeping up with that queen theme, a stroll around the Luxembourg Garden might be just the ticket.

Take your time to stroll along and enjoy the gorgeous statues of the 20 Queens of le Jardin du Luxembourg.


You'll no doubt want to explore some of Paris many churches and sacred spaces on your journey.

While gargoyle peeping is always an enjoyable activity, let's talk about visiting churches after the large crowds of tourists and spectators have left for the day.

How about a concert at Saint Chapelle or another church? It's such a unique and intimate way to be able to experience both the gorgeous architecture and the musical accompaniment.

Information on tickets for the various locations and dates can be found here for your ease.

What an evening!


If you are seeking an even more spiritual evening, you might have the opportunity to spend the night in Montmartre at the Basilica of Sacré Coeur, at a very special adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Information on this truly sacred time can be found here.

As you move through your journey, you might wish to take a stroll through the magnificent Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Hosting the resting places of stars such as: Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Colette, Molière, etc. it is easy to spend an entire afternoon wandering these peaceful passageways.

Looking for something a little darker? The Catacombs of Paris have you covered. With millions of skeletal remains hidden beneath the streets of Paris, it's an experience worth having.

P'Niche PSA: Those who struggle with steps and / or confined spaces might choose to opt out of this spooky scene.

My goodness, with all this adventure, it might be time for another rest period!

How about a leisurely time at a Parisian spa? The city certainly has no shortage of pampering spots for your physical and mental recuperation.

We've gone over French skin care and manicures in other posts. Today, let's try something different...

How about a wine forward treatment?! That's right - vinothérapie will introduce you to the many skin benefits of wine and grape extracts at the Caudalie spa.

For P'Nichers not interested in wine, I also love the very intimate Maison Souquet spa. Top level decadence, here!

While we are on the topic of decadence, P'Niche has previously spoken of the importance of fragrance and personal scent to the Parisian.

Why not visit the Fragonard perfume museum and create your own bespoke scent at the English speaking workshop?

What a way to spend an afternoon!


As your solo adventure winds down, a perfect close might be a cruise along the Seine River.

Of course, the nighttime would be preferred, when you can see Paris all aglow, but any time can be lovely. I have used Vedettes de Paris and loved them.


P'Niche hopes that these ideas have inspired you to explore the many options that can await you on a solo Parisian adventure.

It's easier - and more enjoyable - than you might think!

As Audrey Hepburn famously stated, "Paris is always a good idea!"

Well, my fierce and independent P'Nicher, it looks like all that is left for you to decide is when to go! What will you do on your solo adventure to Paris? Let us know in the comments below et à bientôt!

image: kissmeinparis


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Phyllis Cartwright
Phyllis Cartwright
Oct 06, 2022

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love everything about this Chrissy! So many great locations and recommendations! I love being a solo flâneuse. Nothing better than wandering and exploring in the most beautiful city in the world! ❤️

Oct 06, 2022
Replying to

I am so pleased you enjoyed it and cannot wait to see pix from your own next Paris adventure!

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