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Packing for Paris in Spring, with P'Niche...


Springtime in Paris - hooray! Packing is such a popular topic, and we've enjoyed sharing ideas for all seasons of "capsule wardrobes," winter, spring, fall, and summer. Some of you have privately contacted me (bonjour!) fearing you might have to "buy all new items" to achieve these capsule wardrobe looks - not at all!

P'Niche is going to get personal and share my exact packing list for my upcoming Paris trip (March 2023). Every single piece is already in my personal wardrobe and "well loved"... and can (snuggly) fit into a carry-on bag.

In no particular order (aside from option #1, which I will wear on the airplane to keep warm), this is a random list of over 40 mix-n-match outfit options for all springtime in Paris weather and fun...

Start your packing engines ... on y va - Let's Go!

Overall Packing List

And now (drumroll, please) the Look Book Options in "photo dump" format...

(yep, dresses over jeans is currently a trend in Paris!)

Oui - it's just that simple!

You don't already own what you see here? No wories! You can easily substitute your basic long sleeve tee for the Breton shirt, a trench coat for the wool coat, any flat shoes for the loafers, etc. Play around with what you have and have FUN. Save your money to shop in Paris!

OK, P'Nicher, what are you including in your own Springtime in Paris capsule wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section below and à bientôt!


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