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Au Pied de Cochon - A Parisian Classic...


On our last trip to Paris, we were lucky enough to have an absolute feast at the popular Parisian classic, Au Pied de Cochon, with family and friends.

Let's take a P'Niche peek to learn more about this French standard...


First up, let's take a look at the long history of Au Pied de Cochon.

It is a traditional French Brasserie, and if you recall from our Parisian Beer Flight, a brasserie is, by definition, a place that (at one point) brewed beer and ales.

Today, we recognize a brasserie as an establishment that offers a wide variety of drinks as well as traditional French fare - hearty foods, expertly prepared in the old-style manner.

Whereas Pinky Bloom Paris is much more modern, Au Pied de Cochon remains true to its history.


History, you say? Oui! Let's jump into the P'Niche Time Travel Machine...

We are in 1947 and the doors have just formally opened in a liberated Paris. And the doors stayed open - 24/7! This was a real first for Paris.

In fact, the restaurant has had only two exceptional closings. All restaurants were shuttered temporarily in Paris in 2020 due to the global pandemic (I know, hashtag too soon). Prior to that, the first official (temporary) closing was in 1989 for major renovations to the space.


Ok, but what, aside from the constant service, set Au Pied de Cochon aside from other eateries?

Firstly, they live by the core value of the French café system - all are welcome. From peasants to presidents, the clientele is varied - all in search of cozy ambiance, great food, and even better people watching.

Further, the location is ideally and centrally situated between the Louvre Museum and bustling Les Halles.

The darling terrace is calling to you!


Au Pied de Cohon's menu offers a little something for (almost) everyone.

From lushly towering seafood, to the lowliest cuts of pork, all can be found on the menu.

Even the bread comes with little pork pâté spreads to start the meal. Miam, miam!

You might consider this if traveling with vegan or vegetarian companions. The menu is meat and fish forward - very forward. They do have a gorgeous burrata plate, and this was the highlight I noticed for non meat / fish indulging pals.


Of course, the restaurant is most famous for... pork.

In particular, their house specialty is just as the playful name of the historic brasserie suggests... pig's feet.

Their famous Pork Trotters are served with a decadently creamy Béarnaise sauce and crispy frites (French fries).

They serve all cuts - even the pig's ears, etc. - and P'Niche has to commend the complete use of the animal, leaving only the tail to waste.

Looks yummy, right?

image: Chrissy Consolé

P'Niche cannot tell a lie. I did not opt for the trotters. (Judge me if you dare!)

However, the gorgeously sauced pork chop cuts I did get were absolutely out of this world.

They were also served beside their own little mini pot of the creamiest mashed potatoes I ever had.



While we won't get into exactly what our group of 14 dined on, P'Niche can assure you that the reviews were excellent all around.

One of my nieces even said that this was her favorite meal of the whole trip.

Speaking of groups, it should be noted that the space lends itself very well to a larger party.

We all met to chat and re-live our adventures from the Versailles Masked Ball and were happily accommodated - our reservation being immediately seated upon arrival.


It seems that Au Pied de Cochon is also a bit cheeky in their service.

Nope, not the pig's cheeks, but at the end of your meal, a little plate with one perfectly pink piggy meringue arrived for each guest.

It was definitely a highlight. That, and the absolutely heavenly profiteroles we had for dessert.


Now, I can almost hear you asking... "But, P'Niche, isn't Au Pied de Cochon a tourist trap?"

I hear you.

However, what we found was a mix of both locals and tourists alike. And let's be honest, like New York City, the Parisian locals know how and when to play the tourist at home to best enjoy their city.

Further, celebrities like Alfred Hitchcock, Josephine Baker, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot, and General Charles de Gaulle seemed to enjoy it so much, they kept going back. To say nothing of former President François Mitterrand celebrating his election there on May 10th, 1981!


Ready to head to Au Pied de Cochon to check out to the yumminess yourself? Wonderful!

Au Pied De Cochon

6 Rue Coquillière, 75001

Métro: Louvre / Rivoli (Line 1)

Étienne Marcel (Line 4)

Les Halles (Line 4)

Châtelet-Les-Halles (RER A, RER B)

As you can see, it's easy to access!

Hours - Daily

8am - 11am

11:30am - 5:00am

Reservations always welcome

What do you say, P'Nicher - have you added Au Pied de Cochon to your Paris culinary calendar? Let us know in the comments below et â bientôt!

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Phyllis Cartwright
Phyllis Cartwright
Jul 26, 2023

Love this place and loved your article! Merci Chrissy!

Jul 26, 2023
Replying to

thank you and agree - I cannot wait to go back!


Debra Borchert
Debra Borchert
Jul 26, 2023

After being single for 25 years, I told my friends I would meet the man for me when pigs fly. When my chevalier asked me to marry him, he told me he wanted to be my flying pig. We are now known as the house of flying pigs. We will be visiting this restaurant for his birthday! Thank you, Chrissy!

Jul 26, 2023
Replying to

Ok, that is an AMAZING love story - thank you for sharing - you made my day! I cannot wait to hear what you think of the Resto ! 😍

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