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Top 5 Paris Based Books We Can't Wait to Read in 2024!

It's no secret that this Parisian Niche blog was born out of our delightful book club. We even just celebrated our five year read-iversary! That makes looking forward to new Paris based stories even more exciting. We absolutely adore sharing Paris through the written word and the adventure it brings. You can learn more about the Parisian Page Turners Book Club here. Come read with us!

P'Niche knows it takes a lot of personal time to dedicate to reading a book - or books. We're hoping to make that easier. I will continue to host "read alouds" on the Joie de Vivre TV Network so that we can share this literature in an engaging (but also relaxing) way... If you decide to register for this amazing streaming service, don't forget to enter CHRISSY10 upon check out for a 10% discount!

Without further ado, for 2024, our most anticipated reads are (in order of expected publication date):


Code Name Butterfly by Embassie Susberry

Just after the New Year, we will see this title drop and the pre-reviews are just stellar.

In past book clubs, we spoke at length about Josephine Baker being the first Black American woman entered into the Panthéon, and this (based on true history) book promises an interesting tie in, as Elodie, the lead character, is called upon to portray the cousin of Josephine Baker (who also fought valiantly in La Résistance for her French brethren.)

Depicted as "a heart-breaking wartime epic of love, bravery, survival, and one woman's stand again prejudice in all its forms..." this book looks outstanding.

Expected publication January 04, 2024


We've read Natasha Lester a few times in the Page Turners, and she has yet to disappoint. In fact, this book will have ties in to several of the books we have previously covered, which is always fun.

From the French countryside to the streets of 1970s Chelsea in NYC and then back again to the "Battle of Versailles," this book will seamlessly (get it?) deliver intrigue and suspense..

By the way, with over 20 years of working in fashion and luxury houses herself, your very own P'Niche will discuss the very fashionable "Battle of Versailles" soon, so we do hope you will subscribe to join us back here in the Parisian Niche.

Expected publication January 30, 2024


The Book of Thorns by Hester Fox

With the upcoming epic movie detailing Napoleon's life, we cannot wait to pair that cinematic experience with a great read.

This book's timeline coincides with the Napoleonic wars and tells the story of two sisters, separated a birth, but bound together by a secret language of flowers (which was passed to them by a birth mother, who they never knew).

What follows next will be sisters reunited on the battlefield, working to survive the war, while simultaneously discovering the secret behind their mother's death.

Expected publication April 2, 2024


One title that has not yet released cover work, but has us hooked on title alone: "An Art Lover's Guide to Paris and Murder," By Dianne Freeman. Ooh!

(We literally cannot judge this book by it's cover - what fun!)

The book will take place during the Paris Exposition with a charmingly delightful and independent heroine.

Add a dash of intrigue and murder, we have a feeling this book will have us turning pages very quickly at the beach (or even better the "Paris Plages" lining the Seine River!)

Expected publication June 25, 2024


Her Own War by Debra Borchert

You will note that there is no "click to buy" link or matching cover work for this read. That's because it is so hot off the press that we have the secret inside info from the author (and P'Niche friend) herself, Debra Borchert.

We've covered the first two (brilliant) books in this trilogy and cannot wait to discover what happens next for the residents of Château de Verzat.

We love that Debra, the exceptional author is trilogy has even times the release date most perfectly to align with Bastille Date (La Fete Nationale) - Bravo!

Expected publication July 14, 2024


Honorable Mention: Intrigue in Paris by Vee Williams Garcia

This is a great tale of intrigue and leaning to improv your way thought sticky and tricky situations.

Heroine Bluesette Blue Stills, a magazine editor from Washington, DC, was thrilled to arrive at her friend Nareen Anderson's apartment in Paris for a holiday break.

Not long after, Nareen has disappeared and a friend / tour guide Eddie must help. The waves of tension, romance, crime, and passion are as strong as the currents of the Seine River in this gem of a read.

Originally published in 2012, we cannot wait to dive into this mystery (in our favorite city) for our book club chats!

This is only a sampling of some of the Paris or France based reads we are eager to explore this coming 2024. I'm truly excited to share these literary journeys with you. We're at over 50 books read and well onto our next goal - 100 books read and discussed by the Parisian Page Turners!

Are you excited for these reads, P'Nicher? Which will be on the top of your "to read pile?" Sound off in the comments below et à bientôt!


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Joyce J. Adams
Joyce J. Adams
Nov 25, 2023

Thanks Chrissy, for a great list of books for the New Year! Wish I could join the group, but my Alliance Français class continues on Saturday morning during the time you meet!

Dec 02, 2023
Replying to

You are missed but I know you are reading along and school must come first! 😍

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