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Top 5 Paris Based Books We Can't Wait to Read in 2023!

It's no secret that this Parisian Niche blog was born out of our long standing book club. That makes looking forward to new Paris based reads even more exciting! We absolutely adore sharing Paris through the written word and the adventures it brings.

P'Niche knows it takes a lot of personal time to dedicate to reading a book - or books. We're hoping to make that easier. I'll be arranging "read alouds" on the Joie de Vivre TV Network so that we can share this literature in an engaging (but also relaxing) way...

You can learn more about the Parisian Page Turners Book Club here. Come read with us!

For 2023, our most anticipated reads are (in no particular order):


Her Own Legacy by Debra Borchert

P'Niche is rather drawn to the times of the French Revolution (to say nothing of the French aristocracy).

This read features Countess Joliette de Verzat in her preferred lifestyle - managing her family’s Loire Valley château and vineyards during times of the cut-throat politics of Versailles. While her family depends on her skills and livelihood, she herself is banned from inheriting the land (and all that implies) due to her gender and/or marital status.

Revolution erupts. The women of Paris march on Versailles. As rebellion mounts, Joliette must make heartbreaking choices. Will the people that she risked her life to save, now save her in return?

Published - August 25, 2022


Night Flight to Paris by Cara Black

We've read Cara Black a few times in the Page Turners and she has yet to disappoint. In fact, it seems that this book is a continuation of the first story (Three Hours in Paris), which was a resounding 4 star hit with our book club.

With the danger of each new mission surpassing the last, our heroine, Kate Rees has tough decisions to make, lives to save, all under the most secret of covers.

P'Niche, for one. is excited to pick up where the last story dropped and to follow the adventures and acts of bravery for love and country.

Expected publication March 7, 2023


The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher

This novel is nearly a year old already and still generating lots of buzz (and sitting atop my ever growing "to be read" pile).

We've all seen scores of pictures on social media of the very popular "Shakespeare and Company," in the footsteps of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

This book explores the American founder, Sylvia Beach, during the opening of her now iconic book shop in Paris in 1919.

This promises to be an impressive read about a lesser known name in Parisian history, but one that changed the face of literature itself.

First published: January 11, 2022


Paris: Secret Gardens, Hidden Places & Stories of the City of Light by Mary McAuliffe

Honestly, we have read Mary's books from La Belle Époque through the Roaring Twenties and have yet to conquer the 30s.

Her research and ability to make history entertaining, engaging, and informative is truly unparalleled.

P'Niche has a feeling that this read will take everything you think you knew about Paris and turn it on it's ear, opening a whole new world to explore, even in the sights and sounds you have already seen and experienced in Paris.

Expected publication April 1, 2023


The Paris Daughter by Kristin Harmel

This book opens in 1939, in the lush gardens of Bois de Boulogne, examining the strength of the friendship of Elisa and Juliette.

Under the harsh grips of the German Occupation, Elisa finds herself targeted, and as such, much entrust her daughter's care to Juliette, her daughter being the playmate to Juliette's own little girl.

After a bombing in Paris, a heartbreaking discovery is made, but leaves more questions than answers. WHICH of the two little girls survived the bombing, and where are they now? From Paris to New York City, we will find that a mother's love knows no boundaries.

Expected publication June 6, 2023


Honorable Mention: To Dance with Kings

by Rosalind Laker

Picture It: Versailles at Sunset, June 2023.

After years of bucket list making, vision boards, manifestation exercises, and lots of prayers, P'Niche (and some very dear friends) are finally headed to the Versailles all night masquerade ball.

This nearly 800 page (and small font!) novel will follow four generations of women through Versailles. From 1664 to the eve of the French Revolution, we will follow the royal (adjacent) paths of Marguerite, Jasmin, Violette, and Rose - all lovely "flowers" of the royal court of Versailles.

It's an oldie (published in 1998) but looks like it will be a delicious deep dive into a decadent world - just in time for the Versailles Masquerade!

This is only a sampling of some of the Paris or France based reads I am dying to dig into this coming 2023. So excited to share these literary journeys with you. We're on our way - jussssssst on the edge of 50 reads and then onto our next goal - 100 books read and discussed by the Parisian Page Turners!

Have you read any of these, P'Nicher? If so, which was your favorite and which are now on your "to read pile?" Sound off in the comments below et à bientôt!

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