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Pantone Color of the Year 2023 … Digital Lavender - what’s this got to do with Paris?!

What does the Pantone 2023 Color “Digital Lavender” have to do with Paris? Absolutely Nothing! That said, given the scores of lush lavender fields in the South of France, P’Niche feels it is worth a playful post about this decadence, this Digital Lavender, to start to think in hopeful anticipation about our 2023…

Why is Pantone the leader in color trend predictions?

Well, Pantone, founded in 1962, originally made prisms of color cards for cosmetics companies. Then, in 1963, they upped the ante, creating an entire color matching system for various industries, with a series of color flip books, varying from icy colors to total saturation.


Since 2000, Pantone has declared a "Color of the Year" for the upcoming tendencies, after holding 2 secret meetings in Europe to decide the requirements for that new year. As the trend affects so many industries, from cosmetics and clothing, to interior design, etc., this is big business.

Pantone has noted that color "has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times."

Very Peri was the color of 2022. So, what will 2023 bring us?

Welcome to the year of Digital Lavender!

This neutral tone is anticipated to be widely accepted by all generations.

After several years of stress and anxiety, we are looking to this color to provide a harmonious escape, as the color signifies stability, calmness, and escapism.

A gender neutral color, the "2023 palette reflects a more hopeful and optimistic view of the future," reflects Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN, as she continues, "we anticipate challenges ahead, but we're hopeful that our consumers will engage with this color positively."

P'Niche loves this recuperative sensorial approach to well being...

After all, lavender is world known for it's healing and restorative properties. Certainly, lavender is often used as an aromatherapy ingredient and supplement to help anxiety, depression, fatigue, and overall well-being.

If this Digital Lavender can help to evoke calmness and serenity, then P'Niche is all for it...

In looking forward to your 2023, and in anticipation of the digital escapism, stability, balance and overall sense of well-being Digital Lavender will hope to provide, what might be some creative and enjoyable ways to invite these recuperative qualities into your home and life?

Let's start right at the head of the year...

Looking for a New Years 2023 Party Theme? Why not incorporate Digital Lavender into your party décor, food and beverage offerings, (check for allergies beforehand), and party favors?

Scatter lavender confetti, lavender buds, cocktail napkins, etc. to enhance your party décor. Include lavender forward recipes and perhaps give lavender sachets as a party favor, a wonderfully restorative, sensorial gift to start the year off right.


Lavender sachets are a wonderful gift. Both decorative and sweet smelling, you can charm your guests and friends as they walk out the door from the old year to the new.

Placing these sachets in your living room, kitchen, closets, lingerie drawers, shoes, etc. makes your home deliciously soothing. P'Niche even adds some lavender oil to her clothing steamer to make sure the scent is on her clothes during this tedious chore.

My non-sponsored favorite sachets can be purchased at Star Bright Farms.

Another way to bring digital lavender into your self care ritual is through lavender quartz, a stone of love, healing and joy. Technically, from the family of the rose quartz, it has a high level of titanium or manganese within it, giving it its gorgeous color.

Lavender quartz is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and aids in the appreciation of your surroundings. The stone provides a lovely positive effect on this the mind - clearing mental blockages, while also bringing love and joy to the carrier. Physically, it is believed that this lavender crystal positively influences the metabolism and blood circulation.

Lastly, this crystal is the color of UV light which is meant to sanitize things.

Crystals not your thing? No worries (which is the overall theme, after all!)

Why not enhance your home with some lavender essential oil, which can be used in so many ways. From edible (check oil for uses and allergies) to scrubs, to incense sticks etc.

Let that soothing oil provide your escape!

As you look to introduce some new items to your wardrobe, you will definitely be able to find the digital lavender color from intimates and clothing to accessories.

This might be the perfect time to jazz up your outfit with your silk scarf in a gorgeous digital lavender color...

Looking to incorporate this soothing color into your home décor?

This can be quite fun. It can be as easy as adding a few throw pillows in digital lavender or even new sheets or your bed.

These additions do not need to be overly expensive or add stress to your home routine. In fact, just the opposite, you are introducing this color to bring about an overall aura of calmness, balance and serenity.

Certainly by this time, you are starting to see home décor and accessories filling up the shelves of your favorite home furnishings and accessories stores and outlets. Happy Shopping!

In the kitchen a lot? It is the heart of every home after all...

You can bring lavender into your kitchen easily, with little cost, but lots of impact.

Lavender hand and dish soaps, sponges, soothing hand creams, tea and dish towels, candles, etc.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate lavender into my kitchen is to fill a pot with water. I add some drops of lavender oil, rose oil, and fresh lemon slices and bring to a boil. (Never leave stove top unattended). I then uncover and let the fresh lemon, soothing lavender and delicate rose scents fill my kitchen (and whole apartment). It's like walking through Monet's lush gardens at Giverny!

Still in the kitchen? Moi aussi...

Why not give those macaron baking skills you've been trying to perfect a go?

These quintessentially Parisian treats will take a lot more work and technique than your standard chocolate chip cookies, and wow, the impact they will make on your guests!

While P'Niche is not the best baker going, I've tried this recipe with some success. It's certainly a delicious way to incorporate some Digital Lavender into your diet (assuming you have no allergies). Enjoy your indulgence!


Looking to start your 2023 with a "Dry January?" Look at you, getting your 2023 off to a recuperative start - you totally understand that Digital Lavender vibe, you self-caring, P'Nicher, you - bravo!

A dear girlfriend introduced me to this lavender filled concoction at a bridal shower / afternoon tea party (where the theme was lavender - boy, was she ahead of her time)! The bride and groom enjoyed their honeymoon strolling the fields of lavender in Provence - quel dream!

This "Lavender London Fog" recipe can be found here. If you have no allergies, enjoy this cuppa lavender, vanilla, honey, and earl grey tea - what a dreamy-steamy way to kick off your dry new year...


Not headed to the fields of Provence, but lucky enough to be in Paris this spring (late March / early April)? Quelle chance!

While clearly not lavender, the whimsical drapes of wisteria sure do look like this digital lavender that will usher in our 2023.

Paris boasts many places that get deliciously enveloped by wisteria, but in P'Niches opinion, none so lovely as:

Aux Vieux Paris d'Arcole

24 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004

If you are lucky enough to dine here, they will even let you head down into the wine cellar to choose your own wine - gorgeous and a great time? Oui, please!


While Digital Lavender is the main color of 2023, she has 4 other glorious sisters:

· Sundial

· Luscious Red

· Tranquil Blue

· Verdigris

What strikes your fancy, P'Nicher?

How will you color your 2023?

So, P’Nichers, what do you think and how will you incorporate Digital Lavender (or any color of your choice) into your 2023? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below et à bientôt!



Joyce J. Adams
Joyce J. Adams
Nov 27, 2022

Lavender is so tranquil and smells wonderful. A great post during this busy holiday season to help us pause and relax! Thanks, Chrissy!

Nov 30, 2022
Replying to

Merci - I have to say, this one was great fun to research and write - I am glad you enjoyed it too! 😀


Nov 27, 2022

I’ve always been partial to lavender, both the color and the scent. Happy the rest of the world is catching up😊

As always Thank you for your gentle thoughtful post.

Nov 30, 2022
Replying to

Merci for your lovely words, I am so pleased you enjoyed it, now, let's have a lavender-ific 2023! 🤗

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