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French Lifestyle - On a Screen Near You!


For Mimi - merci mon amie... Your kindred friendship is a true joie de ma vie!

Your P'Niche is tickled Parisian Niche pink to have been invited to participate in what is going to be your newest obsession - Joie de Vivre TV. It's your go to for Paris and France based lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. Think Netflix - but make it France! Let's take a P'Niche peek to learn more... (and stick around until the end for your 10% discount code.)


To understand Joie de Vivre TV, you have to first get to know its delightful founder, Mimi Bleu.

Mimi's journey from an American born woman to a Parisian entrepreneur involves a fairy tale level love story, a big move, an enormous amount of good taste/curation, and one of the kindest hearts you will ever have the opportunity to encounter.

Oh, and she supports women in business as well!


Part of Mimi's life changing move naturally involved her getting to know her new home, Paris, like the back of her hand.

Eventually, she parlayed her knowledge into guiding others around. From wonderful experiences in Paris proper to outlying villages, gardens, and châteaux, P'Niche can personally confirm that Mimi's expertise on France is passionately clear.

Her next love came from helping visitors and locals alike visit and navigate the tricky labyrinths that are the Parisian Marchées aux Puces (Flea Markets).


An evolution from the flea market tours came about in what P'Niche thinks is one of the most genius ideas of gift giving for any France lover - Belle Inspiration's subscription gift box.

You simply give your (or your loved one's) specifications and preferences to Mimi and she will personally curate and select authentic items/antiques from the various Parisian flea markets and brocantes to be delivered on a pre-determined time table.

Truly, P'Niche can think of nothing more personal or special for the Francophile in your life. Who wouldn't love receiving a unique and individualized dose of Paris or France each month?!


Moving through Mimi's Parisian journey, she had found herself with an abundance of decadent and inspirational information on France, and decided to launch her online magazine to share her good fortune.

Her Belle Inspiration magazine is an ongoing love letter (on subscription) to Celebrating La Joie de Vivre - those moments of joy and beauty in all our lives.

It incorporates the many different aspects of French life and culture that we are all so thirsty for. With input from superbly vetted influencers and tastemakers, it really does include something for everyone. As the very succinct tagline demonstrates, this magazine was born "as a woman loves so many things..."


Joyfully, Mimi is now bringing her vast wealth of Francophile fun (and many talented contacts) to a broader audience.

She has launched what will surely be your newest addiction - Joie de Vivre TV - a streaming network for all things France and French lifestyle.

Available worldwide, Mimi's vision is one where all of us can step into French inspiration - no matter we are, our time differences, and personal preferences.

image: Christina Consolé

Speaking of personal preferences, what are yours, dear P'Nicher?

Joie de Vivre TV broadcasts discoveries such as: French lifestyle, cookery, château life, Paris gardens, wine / champagne, beauty and fashion, art and artistic endeavors, France based book read alouds and book club, and even some touring for good measure.

And this is just the debut. Check out the Joie de Vivre TV trailer to learn more...

image: Joes Console

So where does P'Niche fit into this big picture? (Pun intended)...

Well, it's no secret the Parisian Niche blog itself was born out of our book club, the Parisian Page Turners and P'Niche is both humbled and honored to have been invited to participate in the network.

I will continue to host our monthly book clubs, and in addition, I have been given the opportunity to share these gems with the audience, reading aloud - each book shared rather like its own miniseries.

Think audio book - with a Parisian flare.

And that's just my own channel...

With all of the many channels available through Joie de Vivre TV network, you're sure to find something that sings to your French loving spirit.

P'Nichers, this only just the beginning. In time, Joie de Vivre TV will be a veritable encyclopedia of uploaded content - more ideas, more inspiration.

I cannot wait to share with you! To subscribe to Joie de Vivre TV, click here:

I'm a member and fan of the Lifetime Membership.

Don't forget, if you enter CHRISSY10 at the checkout, you'll receive a 10% discount!

What do you think, P'Nicher? Are you ready to join me in getting your Joie de Vivre TV marathon / binge watch going? Let us know in the comments below set à bientôt!


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Mar 22, 2023

Beyond thrilled for you!

Mar 22, 2023
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merciiiiiii!! ❤️

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