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A Unique & Uniquely Parisian Cocktail Bar...

image: Christina Consolé

P'Niche often gets asked - "What is a place you can send us that is not flooded by tourists - something truly quirky, local, and Parisian?"

Well, I am happy to share my latest find with you. Let's take a P'Niche Peek at Bar Bisou. After all - it's Apéro o'clock Somewhere!


Nestled under an appropriately rosé pink awning, and quite unassuming in the Haute Marais, this absolute jewel box is the second offering by Nicolas Munoz (opening its doors in 2017).

Bar Bisou operates with sustainability and creativity at the forefront of its cocktails and petit plates. L'équipe, or team, strictly sources and uses organic products from local producers. This locality not only stimulates the home economy, but also minimizes excess / waste with ecological practices (i.e. dehydrating extra produce for garnishes, etc.)

Sounds great, right?

Ok, so what's on the menu?!

Not so fast, P'Nicher...

Image: Instagram. @bar_bisou

There's no menu!

You heard that right...

The most creative thing about Bar Bisou is that they offer no set menu.

Once seated, a charming attendant comes to your table (we were 8 guests in total) and takes the time to explain how everything works - how they can cater to your cocktail wishes and dreams.

Don't worry, the staff (a lively team of 8 at time of publication) speaks wonderful English. We found them to be most friendly and accommodating.

image: Christina Consolé

Upon placing my order, I noted to our server that "I like champagne, flowers, pink, and prettiness" (you know, how P'Niche describes life on any given day).

What showed up was a dreamy concoction of all of the above, with a splash of tequila. It was served in the most charming golden goblet / flute hybrid you've ever seen.

Others in our party ordered items like the bartender's interpretation of a Manhattan, Cosmo, among several other bespoke drinks. Everything that arrived took our breath away.

Trust me, this mixology team knows all about the 200 bottles that line their bar back! At Bisou, creativity is King/Queen...

image: Instagram @bar_bisou

Of course, the attention to detail spills over (get it?) to their exceptional array of playful and whimsical stemware.

From funky flamingos and Tiki heads, to shiny golden goblets, intricately shaped garnish, airy clouds of smoke, branded ice cubes, even a dash of gold leaf and glitter - each drink is presented uniquely with care to its patron.

P'Niche almost jumped out of her chair to follow a drink to another table - a cloud of pink cotton candy lay atop! Truly a drink to behold and one that might be served at a cocktail bar in Alice's Wonderland.

image: Christina Consolé

Ready for round two? Of course you are, and so is the attendant. They will cleverly remember your first order and duplicate it - or create something new for you - maintaining the same type/s of liquor are used to avoid "mixing your liquors."

Imagining this is true for many tables, by round two, we were definitely feeling more daring, creative, and playful. Our server took note and surprised us even more with our newest cocktail treats.

One more for the road? Sadly, it was time to end our apéro, but one thing is for certain - we left a big merci, knowing that we will be back!

image: Instragam @bar_bisou

Ready to head to Bar Bisou? Huzzah!

Bar Bisou

15, boulevard du Temple, 75003

Métro: Filles du Calvaire (Line 8)

Reservations not accepted, so arrive early - they open at 5pm.

Craft Beers: €7 and up

Mocktails: €8 and up

Cocktails: €12 and up

Truly, at Bar Bisou - it's never the same thing twice - santé!

What do you think, P'Nicher - are you ready for a most unique and uniquely Parisian Happy Hour? let us know in the comments below et à bientôt!

image: Christina Consolé

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Debra Borchert
Debra Borchert
May 03, 2023

Gosh, I might forgo my usual un verre de vin for a cloud of cotton candy! Now I'm thirsty and apero hour is six hours away! Merci

May 05, 2023
Replying to

Truly, it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen - countdown to Apéro is ON! 🍷

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