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A Heartfelt Merci!


For my mom, who sacrificed everything so that her children should want for nothing - merci maman, obrigada mamãe, je t'aime!

We've previously touched on the importance of the word bonjour. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to pass along a heartfelt thanks to you for joining P'Niche on this blog adventure, a true love letter to Paris, inspired by you, my dear friends, far and wide. So with MY true thanks to you, let's have a quick peek at the very many ways to say thank you... MERCI...


We can thank our friends, the Romans, for the word merci where it is rooted in its original meaning, which was "wages."

As we move forward to medieval times, a "grand merci" came to mean a great favor someone had bestowed upon you. Soon it was shortened to our simpler form of thanks for the favor, "merci."

The french inifinitive of the verb is remercier, or to "to thank".


To properly pronounce our lovely word of thanks, it is mehr-SEE.

You can hear several native French speakers stating the word here in this clip.

Don't be shy to listen many times and practice alone - practice makes perfect and your good manners may make you a French friend or two!


Ok let's get to it - some of the various ways to thanks someone en français.

Merci - Classic and can't go wrong - "Thank You."

Merci Beaucoup

mehr-see boh-COO

Thank you very much


Easy Breezy, right? Let's keep going...

Merci Madame

mehr-SEE mah-DAMM

Thank you miss / madame

Merci Monsieur

mehr-SEE muh-syuh

Thank you sir

Merci à tous

mehr-SEE ah toos

Thank you all


Remember the verb form we saw above for giving thanks? Great!

Je vous remercie (formal)

zhuh voo ruh-mehr-SEE

I thank you

Je te remercie (informal)

zhuh tuh ruh-mehr-SEE

I thank you


Avec tous mes remerciements

avez too mayh ruh-mehr-see-uh-mehn

With all my thanks

Remerciez-le (la) de ma part

Ruh-merh-see-ay luh (lah) duh mah par

Thank him (her) for me


Merci mille fois

mehr-see meel FWAH

Thanks a thousand times

Mille mercis

Meel mehr-SEE

A thousand thanks

Merci infiniment

mehr-see een-feen-ih-mehn

Thanks a million


C'est vraiment gentil de votre part

Seh vray-mehn zhahn-TEE duh vuh-truh PAR

That is so kind of you

Merci du fond du coeur

mehr-SEE doo fohn doo kehr

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Comment vous remercier?

kuh-muhn voo ruh-mehr-see-ay?

How can I thank you?

Merci pour tout!

mehr-see poor toot!

Thanks for everything!

Merci Bien

mehr-see bee-yehn

Thanks well (meaning thanks a lot)


Merci d'avance

mehr-see dah-vahn-suh

Thanks in advance (for when someone will do you a favor soon)

Je suis très reconnaissant(e)

zhuh swee treh ruh-cohn-nay-sahn(tuh)

I am very grateful for you

Merci pour ... les fleurs

mehr-see poor ... lay fleuhr

Thank you for ... the flowers

Merci de m'avoir aidé

mehr-see duh m'ah-vwahr ay-day

Thanks for helping me

Trying to land that dream French job? (Yeah, me too!). You'll need to sign off your notes with something like this:

Je vous prie de recevoir l'expression de mes salutations distinguées.

Very fancy pants way to say, "thanks for reading my letter, boss, all respect to ya!"


How do "cool kids" say thanks?!

Mci - thank you (via text message)

Ci-Mer - thank you in Verlan slang (when words are cut in half with the last syllable put first). Merci becomes Ci-Mer.

So that's that, P'Nichers, over 20 ways to say thank you (and trust me, there are hundreds more!) . Thanks again (merci encore) for joining me on this Parisian adventure et à bientôt!



Phyllis Cartwright
Phyllis Cartwright
Nov 28, 2022

What can I say except merci Christina!

Nov 30, 2022
Replying to

merci a toi, mon amie! 😘

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