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Pucker & Pout ... The Francais Way!

Is there anything sexier or more alluring than the saturated red Parisian Pucker & Pout? We've discussed some of their chic lifestyle tips, but beauty-wise, Parisian women are known throughout the world for this sexy, signature crimson lip look. Let's get to your look - the français way, Allons-y!

Let's actually talk lip care to start, as our foundation. Our lips are often overlooked from the rest of our face and bodies.

We must pamper our puckers, and we're talking more than more than just a swipe of drugstore lip balm (although of course lip balm is important to this lip care routine).

P'niche loves a good lip scrub and polish.

By using a lip scrub, you are ensuring that you buff away dry, dead skin cells as well as restoring the smoothness, softness and suppleness of your lips. Not only does this exfoliation improve the appearance of our lips, but the feel of them as well. No one wants to kiss a chapped pout!

You can purchase a (non-sponsored) pre-packaged lip polish, such as this one, or simply concoct a mixture of coconut oil, granular sugar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to scrub gently and rinse once every week or so.

As always, make sure to check for any allergies before any face, lip, or body treatment...

After your lip exfoliation, you will definitely wish to moisturize and seal your delicate lips with a lip balm.

You'll want to apply liberally from your applicator or fingertips - you can always wipe away excess, but now is the time to be generous with your product.

You can use a simple lip balm from any pharmacy in scents you like, or do something homemade, with a recipe found here. Check for allergies first!

Finding your own signature red may take a bit of trial and error - fear not and don't let frustration or self doubt take hold - every chic Parisian woman goes through these same steps to get to her best red.

A true red shade (which will contain equal amounts of blue and orange hues ) is likely to look good on every single skin tone because it doesn’t compete or wash out any of the undertones in your skin. When in doubt, opt for one of these shades.

Fair complexion P'Nichers, you likely have a pink-based undertone. To really complement your skin tone, use a blue-based red or a pink-based red (raspberry like). These will highlight your natural pink tone and make your lovely smile pop.

Light complexioned P'Nichers will likely be neutral or warm-toned. A slight orange-based red will really brighten up your skin's complexion.

Medium complexions are unique as seasonality may affect your color tones. As you take suntan easily, you will wish to wear an orange-based red to brighten you up. In the winter, a blue-based red is your friend and will brighten your smile..

Olive complexions will best highlight their bronze skin with a brick or rust-based red to warm up your yellow-green skin tones.

Caramel complexions, with your yellow-based undertone, you will do well with a true cherry red to warm up and brighten your smile.

Golden tan and dark complexions have a yellow undertone and you have options. For a bold look, try a true red. For a more natural look, go for a blue-based red.

Deep brown and black complexions have many options as well. For a bold look, opt for an orange-based red. For a more natural look, try a blue-based red. Luckily, both types of reds will complement your skin tone and create a brighter smile.

Whatever your beautifully unique skin tone, my gorgeous P'Nicher, try out lots of shades, noting that you can even mix and match lipsticks to get to your perfect signature Parisian red.

This is the fun of it, finding and updating your Parisian chic lip - pucker up!

Now, you've got to decide if you wish to use a tube lipstick or a liquid with an applicator. This "doe foot" is the go to for liquid lipstick applications. Not the most hygienic, as it often can dip saliva back into the tube or bring residue into the product. That said, it can be very precise when applying and easy to guide and glide your color to perfection.

There is a lip marker (much like a liner) for quite detailed precision on applying your lip color of choice. There is also squeeze tube, but those are most often reserved for lip glosses, and definitely not the most precise for applying (but certainly a bit more hygienic).

There is no right or wrong here - just personal preference!

Now the traditional lipstick tube, "the bullet" is what P'Niche chooses to use, but there is also another option called "the reimagined bullet."

On the classic bullet lipstick, the pointed tip and rounded bottom will disappear after just several uses. That is why the newly imagined square or triangular-shaped bullets have been designed. It combines the texture of a bullet but offers a bit more precision for ease of application.

P'Niche's (non-sponsored) signature red is Maybelline (yep!) Color Sensational in "Are You Red-dy." I've been told it's quite similar to the famous YSL tube, "Le Rouge," at a fraction of the cost!

Before applying color, P'Niche always starts with a thin base coat of simple lip balm for hydration.

Now, the best way to apply lipstick, even from a tube, is with a lip brush. You will have much more precision and waste less product. (Just make sure to clean or change your brushes regularly).

To apply, you will want to line along that curve of your bottom lip, and then lifting up, you will move towards the corners, making sure not to "cake" lipstick there to make reside later. Take care around you're top lip cupid's bow not to overdraw.

Apply to lips thoroughly, blot and make any necessary touches before applying a gloss on top, if desired (if so, blot again).

A key in the Parisian red lipstick game is to keep the rest of your cosmetic look clean, fresh, and simple.

You will not need contouring, etc. to enhance your beauty, and please, forget about striving for perfection, it's simply not the Parisian measure of beauty.

A cleanly structured brow, with a natural blush (not heavy), a few swipes of mascara, and truly, your face is set, with your luscious lips at the bold forefront.

This red lip look is day or night and is suitable for women of all ages. Do note, Parisians value women of all ages, so even if you are in the later chapters of your life, or simply searching a new look, don't be afraid to try this passionate pucker!

As you keep the rest of your hair and make up look simple, naturally, it's important to keep your outfit simple too. You don't want your gorgeous lip competing with a vivacious pattern or too much going on.

A monochromatic outfit of quality fabrics would truly behoove you, while you bring the highlight up directly to your face.

You can, of course, jazz up your look with a patterned scarf, which will only serve to enhance your facial make up look as the scarf lays just under your face, or even in your hair.

Remember - the chic Parisian woman knows that less is more. She also knows her value and shows it. Are you ready to show your gorgeous face, P'Nicher?

At first blush, this bold look may intimidate you or make you feel self conscious. You stop that, you fabulous, P'Nicher, you!

Do not feel intimidated by this bolder side of yourself. In fact, use this edge to help you achieve that "je ne sais quoi" and confidence that Parisian women innately carry through their lives.

Still not convinced? Fear not, P'Nicher, you can take the time to build up to this look by starting with a simple tinted lip balm, it's all at your own pace. Beauty is meant to be fun, so let fear and doubt go, and get ready to experiment

Once that self doubt is gone, get "red-dy" for the compliments to begin to pour in - revel in it and enjoy your beauty!

When shopping in Paris, some of my favorite cosmetic shopping havens (where I can receive personalized assistance and service) are:

Printemps Haussman

64, blvd Haussman, 75009

Le Bon Marché

24, rue de Sèves, 75007

Make Up Forever (several locations)

5, rue la Boétie, 75008

Bobbi Brown (several locations)

1, bis Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75004

Sephora (several locations)

72, ave des Champs Élysées, 75008

Looking for other Parisian beauty secrets? Make sure to subscribe and visit us again at Parisian Niche as we will delve into this world of beauty in coming posts.

So, are you ready to try a new, emboldened look? Let us know your favorite signature color in the comments below, we'd be tickled (deep) pink to know your lip secrets...

Where ever you are going today, P’Nichers, make sure to put your best pout forward and leave your mark… à bientôt!


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