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Making Strides in Paris - Your Footwear - the Francais Way...

Ok P'Nichers, let get into it! Packing can be somewhat of a polarizing topic, but we've got good news, Paris footwear really runs (pun intended) all over the place. Like the Breton top and Vichy pattern, this item is a definite staple in your capsule wardrobe and good news - there's been a big movement towards casual, walk-able shoes for your Parisian adventure. Let's get into your footwear wardrobe - the français way...

Pedestrians rejoice! In the last few years, sneakers have become "la mode" in Paris.

A special note here, we are not speaking of the sneakers you wear at the gym for CrossFit. We're talking, crisp, clean sneakers, for both men and women. You can match them with anything and walk with ease and comfort all over Paris!

Not 100% into the sneaker vibe? You can slip into an easy-breezy pair of ballet flats, a staple in every Parisian woman's wardrobe.

They can be solid color, or blocked toe, and be with or without any adornment. While leather is the main choice, they can be made for other fabrics as well and will get you all over Paris in elegant style...

Hitting the town this summer? Sandals will be your best friend. They come in various styles and colors and will keep you both cool and comfortable.

P'Niche tends to like to wear sandals with a strap behind the heel for support. It makes it bit more steady on those medieval cobblestones and rushing through the Parisian métro...

Glamming it up in some heels? Good for you!

Luckily, this season has lots of chunkier, thicker heels, which look incredibly chic, but also offer a bit more balance and support as you head out onto the medieval cobblestone pathways...

For those cooler months, an ankle bootie will be your best friend.

Most utilitarian when purchased in a waterproof material (or treated properly with a waterproof sealant), you will find you get lots of use (think three of the four seasons) with this footwear.

(Psst, you might want to pair your booties with a Moto jacket for the full "street chic" effect - look at you, rock star!)

Gents, we see you, too! Aside from the sneakers we noted above, you can also opt for a super comfy slip on shoe or loafer style.

You'll look chic and put together, while still being in top comfort and ease while you navigate those Parisian walkways.

For those dressier moments, a (well polished) leather lace up shoe or loafer is a sure staple for your capsule wardrobe.

You'll pick a color and style that suits (get it?) while you suit up for a more formal business meeting, day or evening out, or even a dressier occasion.

For those cooler months, you too, will benefit from a great ankle boot.

Available in any material, color, and style, do remember to ensure you add water proofing, if needed, and you'll be puddle jumping in Paris in no time flat!

When lucky enough to be shoe shopping in Paris, P'Niche heads to...

Repetto Ballet Flats

22 Rue de la Paix, 75002

Métro: Opéra (Lines 3, 7, 8)

Veja (several locations)

15 Rue de Poitou, 75003

Métro: Saint-Paul (Line1)

Souliers Sylvia

15 Rue des Abbesses, 75018

Métro: Abbesses (Line 12)


94 Rue du Bac, 75007

Métro: Rue du Bac (Line 12)

Not in Paris? Pas de problème! Some of P'Niche's favorite (non-sponsored) online shops are:

Whatever shoes you pack, make sure they are well broken in before your trip! P'Niche insider tip, I also wear and pack plenty of bandages or plasters, (especially these non-sponsored bandages in 1 inch by 4 inch size) to put across the back of the heel, just in case. Better safe than sorry...

What do you think P'Nichers? What do you shop for or pack when you think shoes for Paris? We'd love to hear in the comments below et à bientôt!


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Teresa René
Teresa René
Jan 29, 2023

I was in Paris a couple of months ago and headed straight to Repetto. My heart skipped a beat just walking through the door at the color wheel of shoes displayed on the round table. I was mesmerized!! Not only was I in the company of such quality, but I read the history of this company (which is why I just had to give them a try). The salesperson was cordial and spoke English to me, but when I mentioned the stitch and return method on making the shoes, her eyes lit up and more French flew out of her mouth than English when explaining the details. I only caught about half of what she was saying (only because of…

Jan 29, 2023
Replying to

Ok - wow - that sounds like an amazing experience! I love Repetto and get lost in the world of tulle and ballet. I am so glad you had that wonderful moment to cherish...


Aug 03, 2022

As ugly as they can be, Skechers are great, cheap, lightweight travel shoes that machine wash beautifully. If you're over 55 nobody will even notice your ugly shoes and you'll stay comfy cozy. A fabulous scarf is a great distraction if you are worried about the dowdy style.

Aug 03, 2022
Replying to

I am glad to hear a great real life opinion of Skechers (not just an advert) - they do look really comfy, I may have to give them a try - thank you!

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