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A Golden Dream Adventure in Paris...

For Jimmy - merci pour tout...

Well P'Nichers, this post was created by popular request from our Facebook group page, and I am ever so pleased that you seem to have as much fun with this "family joke gone amuck" as my nephew and I did on our last trip.

We won't really learn too much Paris or French history in this post, it is for pure fun and giggles. We will return to our regularly scheduled Parisian programing in the next post!

Let me begin by saying that while Parisian Niche is not sponsored, of course, Barbie and Golden Dream Barbie are licensed and Trademarked by Mattel.


A little bit of Barbie in general before we get to my Goldie...

Barbie, whose full given name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, made her debut on March 9, 1959. Of course, our Barbie is a California girl, however, she was actually modeled after a German Bild Lilli doll. Barbie stands statuesque at 11 inches (29 centimeters) tall.

While there has certainly been controversy about Barbie's body and her inclusivity, she has made strides in recent years to try to correct these. A viewing of the recent documentary "Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie" (currently available on the Hulu streaming service) is quite eye opening.


I have had many Barbie dolls in my life, but none so special as Golden Dream Barbie, who was unveiled in 1980, when I was 6 years old.

Goldie was special. Her "jobs" were everything from a Solid Gold Dancer (trademark Paramount Pictures) to a home maker, famous Parisian fashion designer (obviously), chef, executive, teacher, and astronaut.

With sparkly golden strands in her hair, there was nothing she could not do. In my young eyes, she could do no wrong.

Unfortunately, my big brother did not agree... (Ok, I admit I was part of the problem. There, I said it.)

Picture it - it's a chilly winter's day and we're playing - brother and sister, side by side, with a fire roaring in the fireplace in the background (this is important)...


Cut to me (yes, your very own angelic P'Niche) teasing my brother by continuing to brush Golden Dream Barbie's hair along his arms - reallllly annoying him (in the way that only younger sisters can.)

After clear warnings, one extra brush of her golden tresses was one too many. Mea Culpa. He grabbed Barbie, yanked her head from her gold lamé clad body, and hurtling toward the fireplace it went. The roaring fireplace!

The Barbie-manity of it all!

(in the background, imaginary sirens...)


Mom led the critical search party. I'd like to say I helped search too, but gentle P'Nicher, I was losing my merde in the background. In fairness, my brother did help search. And search. And search. To no avail, we assumed Golden Dream Barbie had met her cinder filled demise.

Fast forward to ten years later, mom and I were moving to a new home. Upon one last deep clean of our old home, guess what we found in the smallest crevice of a home ever? Her golden threaded head - the day after I gave away all my Barbies at a yard sale. I repeat: The Barbie-Manity!

Suffice it to say, any argument that was had between my brother and me for decades has had the very solid rebuttal of... "Golden. Dream. Barbie." Golden mic drop...

"Uhm, should't I be in First Class?!"

Of course, decades later, the fiery circumstances have become more family lore and gag reel, as each family has.

So, imagine my disbelief and joy (over 40 years later) when a new Golden Dream Barbie doll arrived to my office desk as a surprise birthday gift!

Golden Dream Barbie - literally risen from the ashes! Squeals of delight ensued.

Because she quickly became an office mascot and fun of sorts, I decided to play a trick and surprise everyone by taking Golden Dream Barbie with me to Paris - as sort of a goofy "Flat Stanley" (trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown) type project.

Golden Dream Boarding Time!

What started out as an elaborate family gag, evolved into a phenomenon of sorts (in my own head). As many of you awesome P'Nichers requested a Golden Dream Gallery of sorts, please find her fun filled photos below.

All of her playful props were simply web searches, with a print and cut style. Literally, it was cut and paste/tape (we had ideas of what we'd be doing on the trip, so were able to prepare for the fun).

Goldie 2.0 has been busy living her best Golden Dream life - from the skyscrapers of New York to the medieval cobblestones of Paris (with notes below each photo).

Enjoy her Golden Gallery!

Enjoying her first cup of Angelina Hot Cocoa (with her "to-go" cup in hand)

Her first night out on the town - she went to Le Musset on rue Saint Honoré for the best escargots in town...

a VERY good day at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market, where she scored not one, but TWO Dior scarves!

Perched upon a cannon at Les Invalides...

Sporting her own Napoleon hat at Napoleon's tomb...

With her Navigo pass and map in hand, she sure hopes she doesn't have to transfer at Châtelet!

She was honored to leave a paper bouquet at Princess Diana's memorial (next to the proper P'Niche bouquet)

A day at the Musée d'Orsay... "It's called art - look it up"

Croissant and café crème at the ready...

Checking out the statues of Notre Dame at eye level... Pssst - post coming soon!

If the crown fits... at Musée Carnavalet

Macaron Break! Her favorites are the La Durée rose, lemon, and chocolate flavors

Under the rain (and awning) Au Petit Versailles du Marais Boulangerie - super yum!

Editing with P'Niche in the shadow of La Tour Eiffel...

Learning the History of Beer. Blonde, naturally..

One last toast at our fave, Le Royal Opéra Café

Suffice it to say, Golden Dream Barbie fell in love with Paris and was overwhelmed at the love and support showered upon her, as well as the many well wishers wanting to share her journey. Have you ever done this kind of game on your own adventures? We'd love to hear your tales, so feel free to let us know in the comments below et à bientôt!


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4 commentaires

20 sept. 2022

Amazing! Golden Barbie is so chic! I can’t wait to see her adventures back in the big 🍎


21 sept. 2022
En réponse à

Chapter 2 coming!


Joyce Adams
Joyce Adams
19 sept. 2022

Love the story and adventures of Golden Barbie!

20 sept. 2022
En réponse à

I am so pleased you enjoyed it!! 😍

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