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Holiday Gifts for the "Parisian" in Your Life…or For Yourself!


P'Nichers, the Holiday Season is upon us once again! It's time to jingle down and have some fun!!

After last year's expansive list of Parisian and French gift ideas, we've had even more fun curating a new selection of divine French flared items to give, to receive, or to not let your partner you got for yourself (P'Niche won't tell - the secret is ours alone...)

As always, we'll cover many tastes and price points in an entirely non sponsored post of gifting ideas. On y va - let's go!

image: Janis Commentz

On my most recent trip to Paris, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with and befriend Janis Commentz, an artist who was trained in California, but who has spent time traveling the world with her sketchpad ever present at her side. You can see by her handy work here how much love she pours into her work. In fact, you can purchase her decorative journal to begin your own Paris trip planning and/or artistic endeavors.


In addition to charming, Parisian scene note cards, magnets, and the like, Janis has just completed her vibrantly whimsical 2024 Paris calendar.

In fact, it is so hot off the press, you may have a very brief wait for her newest art work, but should definitely arrive in time for your holiday offerings.

The amount of compliments I got on the 2023 calendar edition from passersby in my office makes me think that the 2024 edition will be even more special!


In a recent post about le Parc Monceau, P'Niche detailed much of the rich history of the space and how dear it is to her heart.

While we are (not so patiently) waiting for the return of our renewed passport and next trip to Paris, we can indulge in the ongoing jigsaw puzzle craze with this Parc Monceau Puzzle and enjoy some of the artistry of Claude Monet at the same time. This scene depicts one of his great paintings within the park.

This gorgeous and complex puzzle is available in 250, 500, or 1,000 piece packages, and should give you a fun challenge as you dream of walking through these gorgeous alleyways again...


While you are planning your holiday parties and/or apéro (yay!) you'll want to make sure you have your French cheese bases covered. This basket by French Wink (one of several options) will ensure that you have all you need (dairy wise) to get that party started.

We will have a lot about apéro (my fave!) in the coming days and weeks in our engaging P'Niche Facebook group - hope to see you there for the yummy fun!


Keeping with food for a sec, you know how much P'Niche enjoys her cuppa hot cocoa...

This year, Angelina (still the best hot cocoa, according to moi) is releasing another amazing Advent Calendar.

Each day will see you unveil a new petit and delicious gem.

Good luck with your self control. "As one door closes, another one opens..." (That's P'Niche quickly making her way through this advent calendar of goodies!)

Dear Santa, I can explain...


Did you know that the Parisian Niche Book Club just celebrated its 5 year read-iversary? What an absolute thrill!

We will definitely be covering these two new books in our 2024 discussions:

Joie by Ajiri Aki

How to be French by Janine Marsh

We hope to see you at book club - come read with us!


Not gonna lie, I'm still riding the high of having attended this year's Versailles Grand Masked Ball with friends and family.

In an effort to bring a little more Marie Antoinette and royalty into my daily life, it's def time to invest a bit into this perfectly Parisian Niche Pink candle that is the bust of Marie Antoinette.

It's almost too pretty to light!

If you are looking for something a little bit more in line with holiday festivities, this "Sapin" candle by Dyptique might be more to your liking and will fill your home with the gorgeous scent of a Christmas tree.

Not a candle fan? Dytpique makes a gorgeous range of perfumes as well. An e-SCENT-ial holiday grab!


P'Niche was recently gifted this charming "marinière mug" - you know how much P'Niche adores her Breton stripes!

When not sipping a cuppa cocoa, I just love these Eiffel Tower earl grey tea bags.

When more in the mood for a loose tea, like Nina's of Paris, how cute is this Eiffel Tower tea diffuser?

Who wouldn't want to start the day lounging around in their Paris bathrobe and easing into their morning routine like this?!


I hear you, I hear you - it's 5 o'clock somewhere, amiright?!

Why not serve up a vodka tonic, whisky, or even an old fashioned mocktail in these playful Paris map tumblers?

Looking for additional cocktail ideas? Why not check out this "Drinking French"

book of ideas?

Want to round out this gift perfectly? How about these handmade wooden Parisian map coasters?

Guaranteed your friendship won't be "on the rocks" if you offer this trio! (Groan..., I know, I know - but it had to be said!)


Looking to get the kids (or yourself) into the Paris Olympics 2024 spirit? Well, you recall, we looked at the history of France's Phrygian Cap - and this fun fella happens to be the mascot of the upcoming games.

Perfect for kids (and collectors) of all ages, you can pick up the Phryge Mascot or the Paralympic Phryge.

You can score (gong!) all sorts of other goodies on the Official Olympics Shop page as well.

You'll be set in no time and ready to watch the first ever "Parade of Nations" as they sail into Paris on River Seine.

What an awesome sight that will be!


Looking to bring some darker Parisian fun (and mystery) into your holiday fete throwing?

Why not host an interactive "Murder Mystery in Paris" party?

You and your guests will have a grand time guessing whodunnit (Mais, qui l'a fait?!)


Lastly on our annual list is an ongoing gift - a subscription to Joie de Vivre TV. Launched in 2022, this streaming service has truly taken off, and has added on even more channels of French lifestyle goodness than you can imagine!

Don't forget, you can enter CHRISSY10 at the checkout for a 10% discount.

What fun this has been and who wouldn't want to indulge in a little Paris this holiday season? Like you, P'Nichers, I Ho-Ho-Hope to find some of these holiday gifts under my tree - and I will definitely add some to my own personal cart - Happy Shopping et à bientôt!

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